"Sash Window Restoration in Birmingham"
"Replacement Sash Windows in Birmingham"
"Sash Window repair in Birmingham"

Mutlglaze have years of experience in the restoration and refurbishment of traditional timber sash windows, Replacement Sash Windows & the Repair of Sash Windows in Birmingham.

The most common problems occur with the sash cords snapping. These cords enable the windows to operate smoothly up and down so if one side of the cord snaps, the window will not operate correctly and will jam. Another common problem occurs when the weight which counterbalances the sash will slide down gradually if there is not enough weight to counteract it.

Multiglaze are experts in the repair of Sash Windows, covering Birmingham and the surrounding areas. All of our glaziers are experienced in the replacement of all the sash cords and sash weights. We are also able to replace parting beads, staff beads, draught proofing, brush piles, Fitch catches and sash locks.

Multiglaze pride ourselves in offering a very high level of customer care and a first rate repair service to all our clients. With over 15 years of experience in the glazing industry Multiglaze is a professional company with highly trained fitters who comply with all the current British safety standards. We are also an insurance and Birmingham City Council approved company.

If you require Draught Sealing in Birmingham, Emergency Glazing in Birmingham or if you need Replacement Rubber Seals, then please contact Multiglaze today on 0800 849 6060 or email info@multiglaze.com